B clan

Clan Emblem

A Clan is a group of vampires that work together. By adding more members to your Clan, your Clan gets stronger and you can obtain Collections more effectively.

As your Clan members increase, you get more Skill Points , making you stronger. Also, the more Clan members you have, the more likely it will be that someone has the Items or Collection items that are on your Wish List or come to your aid in a Support Fight or a Boss Fight .

You can invite your friends to join True Night and become your Clan Members. You can also invite other vampires that you encounter. Also, you probably want Clan members that are of a higher level than you and that have Collections that you don't. Finally, you can invite young vampires to be your Clan members from the bottom of the page.


"At it's heart True Night is a social game. A solution to almost every problem can be found by utilizing and organizing your Clan. When other players make it hard to close Collections, many players forget this and get overwhelmed because they try to continue on their own or with limited Clan interaction.

If a player or group of players break all your traps and steal your items, fight fire with fire. Supportive and creative Clans are the key to victory!"

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