Collection Emblem

Collections are what vampires want most. Obtaining Collections makes vampires more powerful and more infamous. There are many collections of different types.

You can get Collection items from Quests, as gifts from Clan members, or by winning them in Fights. You can only get the last two peices of any Colleciton from Fights with other vampires.

When you get Collection items, they are stored at your base. Until you complete the Collection, the items can be stolen by other vampires. Once you complete the Collection, you get a reward of Coins and the Collection can no longer be stolen from you.

Collection Screen

List of Collections[edit | edit source]

Rank Collections[edit | edit source]

These collections can be obtained year round through Quests and Fights.

Special Event Collections[edit | edit source]

These collections are limited editions and can only be obtained during the Special Event.

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