"You must learn to hunt and kill and feed. Survival depends on your wits, your alliances, and your killing instincts." 

Vampire TypesEdit

Players can choose to be one of three types of Vampires, The Chosen , The Taken and The Seeker . Aside from providing a variety of looks to choose from, Vampire types also have an effect on Critical Hit  chance when fighting other players, and effect who can join your party to aid you in Boss Fights.

Vampire Type and Critical HitEdit

Similar to the game "Rock, Paper, Scissors", each Vampire Type has a slight advantage over one other Vampire Type in the form of a very slightly increased chance to score a Critical Hit. At the same time, each Vampire Type is vurnerable to the increased chance of a Critical Hit from another Vampire Type. 

Which Vampire Type each Vampire Type has the advantage or disadvantage against is currently unknown. 

Vampire Type and Boss FightsEdit

Including yourself, you can only have one of each Vampire Type in your party to help you in Boss Fights.

Currently this limitation only applies to Boss Fights and does not effect Player Fights , Supports, Clan Membership or any other aspect of the game.